New Year, New Shoes

I’ve been meaning to upload a picture of my shoe wardrobe in its entirety (a few pairs were sacrificed in the recent move).

First of all, my little piece of shoe heaven (highlights below):

Tiger print, International. Great shoes but my long toes are always scuffing on the floor in these!

Middle back: Gold strappy shoes (T-bar pus extra side straps), from Ebay but I wouldn’t recommend as the straps move too much.

Leopard print, 3″ heels. All over Ebay now, but when I got them they were so hard to come by!

Black Rummos, “Cinderella”. These are incredibly comfortable and well padded. However all the diamante fell off almost straight away.

White Supadance shoes with gold detail. It seems some brides are plumping for dance shoes as they are very comfortable for the big day. Look out for white “worn once” shoes on Ebay, I saw some white Comme Il Fauts the other day for £20!

Oobashoo “Lola”. These are currently my most worn shoes. I love everything about them!

Heavenly Dance Shoes, Ebay find. If I was getting these made to order I wouldn’t get the narrow heel.

As a general rule, I think it’s good to have lots of pairs of shoes on the go :D, for different occasions. I never dance in less than a 2.5″ heel, and wear 3″ for socials. I always go for a flared heel where possible, it’s more elegant but also fairly stable. I have a few very scabby pairs in here which are fine for taking out to dubious club floors, and a few thoroughbreds for beautiful dance floors.

Since I took this photo I have acquired a few new pairs (three, ahem).  One boring Ebay pair, a fabulous pair of International dance shoes from my little brother for Christmas, and a pair of the lusted-after Can We Dance shoes.

International ‘Lulu’ shoes.  These are really comfortable, I especially like the shape of the 3″ heel.  Thanks, bro!

Now, judging by my posts, I have been dreaming of these next shoes for at least a year.  They come from an Ebay shop called Can We Dance, which has rapidly expanded since I first discovered it.  Their range is exciting, unusual, and comes in fabulous colours.  From the choices of colours and materials, I believe they can be made to order in the UK.

Granted, these were billed as “tango” shoes, with a 3.5″ heel, but that’s only half an inch more than usual.  And they are beautiful.  But, and there are some big buts here, I couldn’t even get my foot in.  The top straps are so tight they resulted in an ugly-sister-style pushing and pulling session to get them on, and the peeptoes were also very small, making for some uncomfortable tweaking.

Now I realise I could have returned them, but I’ve talked about my “suck it up” Ebay policy before, and did I mention they were so beautiful?  So I got out the shoe stretchers, and a week later, I took them out on the town.  Dear God, the height!  After teaching a dreadfully teetering salsa class, I gave them a go in the social, and narrowly avoided ending up my bum.

One week later, I’m standing in front of an extremely bewildered cobbler, asking him to lower the heels.  “I’m not surprised”, he says.  “These shoes defy the basic rules of proportion.”  As a Yorkshireman, I assumed he was making some glib comment about silly girls with silly high heels.  But he goes on to explain that the structure of the shoe is inherently wrong, showing me how, when the sole of your shoe is on the ground, you should be able to fit at least a finger underneath the heel.  This is what makes walking in heels, on tiptoe, possible  – unless you have mad balletic skills, of course!  These heels, however, not only came level with the sole, but passed it by 1/4″, which explains why I was tipping over.

Now that I’ve spent some time and money, stretching and lowering, and my blisters have healed, these shoes are lovely.  But I wouldn’t put myself throught that initial mincing again, and I suggest if you order from them, go for a much lower heel!

All this kerfuffle with a cheap pair of pretty shoes gets me to wondering, could 2012 be the year of the Burju?

Now it’s your turn – give me some reviews of your new year’s shoes, I’ve seen so many of you rocking new pairs!

A xx


~ by salsafeet on January 16, 2012.

9 Responses to “New Year, New Shoes”

  1. Dear Missy Feet, would you please be so kind as to clarify this:

    “But he goes on to explain that the structure of the shoe is inherently wrong, showing me how, when the sole of your shoe is on the ground, you should be able to fit at least a finger underneath the heel. This is what makes walking in heels, on tiptoe, possible – unless you have mad balletic skills, of course! These heels, however, not only came level with the sole, but passed it by 1/4″, which explains why I was tipping over.”

    I don’t understand the bit about putting a finger underneath the heel… or the bit about the heels coming level with the sole. I have a pair of Oobashoos that I teeter on and feel like I’m going to fall over. As a result, I’ve only worn them twice and never for more than a few dances. I wonder if they have the same issue… and if I could get lower heels put on…

    • Hey Leslita, you’re right, this is not very plain English, let me try again 🙂 I’m not claiming to be a shoe-making authority here (I could be talking absolute cobblers, mwarhar) but kindly reach for a pair of regular high-heeled shoes. When you stand them on the floor, the front of the shoe rocks back very slightly, ie. the entire sole is not flat on the floor. If you press your hand down inside the toe of the shoe, as if your foot was in them, the heel raises a lil’ bit, leaving a gap of about a finger’s width underneath. This seems to be the case with most of my high-heeled street shoes. It’s a tiny thing but apparently it makes a big difference. The cobbler’s thoery was that the heel was already too high when the shoe was made, but they had also forgotten about the extra half an inch when they put the heel tip on. He couldn’t take off as much as I wanted, but they seem to be in better proprtion now.

      I’d be ooba surprised if Oobashoos have this problem too, professionally made and pricey as they are! Let me know the verdict. I have a pair which felt very teetery at first because the heel cage at the back was very narrow and my heel kept moving, but I seem to be used to them now. If you do decide to get the heels sized down, it only costs about 6 squids. Love xx

  2. I tried the heel testing thing with my new shoes, and discovered that, because the soles on dance shoes are really flexible, I can make it work, but it doesn’t necessarily do it naturally – it depends on how much I bend my fingers back when my whole hand is inside the shoe. I can make it work, or I can make it not work – if I don’t bend my hand much, then the weight of the heel pulls it towards the ground – the soles are flexible enough to let it do that. Either way, I’ve tested them out on my feet at tango on Wednesday and they worked fine!

    Here’s the review you requested:

  3. Awesome new shoes Leanne! The other thing about these Can We Dance shoes is that the sole is not very supported or flexible, unlike all my other dance shoes, so they don’t tend to bend where you want them to go. Putting my Rummos on afterwards is like slipping into a pair of fluffy slippers!

  4. Ok update: Burju shoes just posted these on Facebook. I don’t just think that my shoes are knock offs of these $110 shoes. I actually think they are the same!

  5. After lusting after the Black Pearls for a good number of months and trying (very hard) to save up to buy them, I came across these on ebay:

    Now I am absolutely in love with Burju shoes and have made an indepth study of the Black Pearl (I am THAT sad that it was my desktop picture during my lusting months) and these looked identical. After an internal argument with myself, I decided to try these out a) because I wanted to see if the 4″ stiletto was more difficult than the flared to dance in – I’ve been in ‘training’ for months with a cheaper 4″ flared ebay pair, and b) they were only going to cost £18. In the end they cost me £27 because I had to get the heel lowered (£7.50 and my cobbler gave me the same explaination about the long heel) and I like to stick a square of Scholl foam padding (about £1.50) into my shoes for extra comfort 🙂 – this little trick has renewed the life in one of my favourite pairs so they don’t make my feet burn any more, and it made these ebay ones super comfy and snug 😀

    Anyway, my boyfriend directed me to your blog a few months ago when I wouldn’t stop bugging him about salsa shoes. I’ve since expanded my ebay favourites list and upgraded my dance bag to include a survival kit. Thanks!


    • Just wiping the drool off my keyboard…what great knock-offs! Does make me wonder how comfortable/danceable the real Burjus are though. I would hate to pay that much only to discover the same problems. Props on going for 4inchers though, I stick to 3″ to avoid altitude sickness/pulling my partner’s arms out of the sockets, but then I’m quite tall anyway 🙂

      Thanks for the blog love and also the Scholl tip, gonna try that out! x

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