More dance shoe D.I.Y: resoling

Recently, my cobbler did something a bit silly.  I rang him up and the conversation went something like this:

Me: How much does it cost to resole a pair of dance shoes?

Cobbler: £12.

Me: Ok, how about if I bring ten pairs?

Cobbler: £120.

My cobbler does not know how to strike a bargain.  So I took one pair of shoes (I was desperate), and when I went to collect them, he did something even sillier.  Apparently he really didn’t want to resole dance shoes, so he fobbed me off with my £12 resoled shoes and the name of his supplier.

Suede soles from the supplier cost £3!  I got mine (men’s soles which I cut down) in black and grey from T. R. Lawman, the cobbler supplier, 01933 355807.

Jersey 031

So this is my first attempt to resole my own dance shoes, and a guide for you!  First attempt features a beloved tiger print pair of International shoes, which by the looks have them have walked in water/beer a little too much!

Jersey 030

I won’t bore you with the Blue Peter breakdown of how to glue the soles on, it’s as simple as it sounds.  Sure, they don’t match the originals, but they often don’t if I take them to the cobblers, either.  They do seem a little thicker than usual, but actually that’s just extra padding!  Tried and tested on the dancefloor, and they seem to be ok.   Even if I have to resole these twice as often, I’m still saving money!

Jersey 033

When I was looking for some resoling advice, I stumbled across this website:

While the site doesn’t seem to be in use any more, the “Tips and Advice” section is brimful of tried and tested dancers solutions, such as how to adapt your shoes for different types of dancefloor (suggests slipping pop socks over shoes to speed up a bad floor), and on general shoe maintenance.  Hurray!

And just to finish us off, here’s some pictures of the pros at Supadance at work making beautiful shoes:


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