Move on up

This month I have mostly been enjoying the sun, and reviewing some new products from Move Dancewear, a site which many of you are no doubt familiar with.  Move have been busy creating their own range of dance clothing, from tutus to tights, and kindly sent me some samples, so I can tell you all about them!

First up for review: Super Shimmer dance tights.   All ladies know the perils of finding durable tights for dancing.  These tights are extremely supportive and have a fantastic shine.   They resisted ladders on the social dance floor like nothing else!  They don’t move about as you dance as a normal pair of tights might.  The ‘suntan’ colour is rather dark, and would be great for performing, but I’d probably choose a lighter shade for the social dancefloor.




Next up, the Ola dance skirt – a flirty little latin number for all occasions.  This skirt is very flattering.  Ruches around the sides and stomach have a streamlining effect.  It is a good length, in that it looks short and flashy, but the layers mean that it doesn’t fly up when you turn.  Just in case though, it has a pair of very comfortable black hotpants built in, so you feel very safe!  The skirt looks rather heavy, but is designed so that when you’re wearing it, the extra ruffles flow effortlessly.  There is no uncomfortable ‘slap’ of extra material after fast turns.  I danced in it comfortably for several hours.



Even better, this skirt is now on sale!  And no, that’s not me modelling!

So thank you, Move Dancewear, for giving me the opportunity to road test some of your merchandise!  You may also like to check out their brilliant stock of dance shoes, including a sale on Bloch, Rummos, and International.


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