I’ve missed you…

Oh dear, it’s been a very long time since my last post.  The sad fact is, I moved to a city which didn’t have a great deal of salsa going on, and so all my poor pretty shoes languished in my closet for eight long months… no more!  After another (much bigger) move, I am back on the scene, and so of course, it doesn’t take long to get itchy feet for some new purchases!  I did manage to acquire a couple of pairs of shoes since we last spoke – I know, pics or it didn’t happen, right?


Top: Soribel from Volver (of course), with leather sole

Bottom: Supadance 1062 (why can’t they give them cute names?!)

Now you know I can’t get enough of Volver, so of course I love the Soribel shoes.  They look amazing on, and are just as comfortable as all the other Volver styles.  Love the detail under the heel.

The Supadance pair are a different story.  I got them off Ebay, and chanced it because they were a half size over my usual.  They are definitely too big, and there are few options to adjust them.  I’ve only worn them twice, and I feel very unsteady – lots of straps but little support.  I felt cockled on the top of a 3″ latin heel.  I’m interested to hear from others who have this shoe – if you managed to get the right size, how do they feel?  Requires further testing, I think.

Ok ok, now you.  I’m sure you managed to buy plenty of shoes without me.  Share your photos and links!  We need an update, and we need your reviews.  What’s hot at the moment?  Balanceo have been getting a lot of traffic on Facebook…Time to show off your purchases and make us all jealous.

As for me, I’ve got a bottle of wine and a credit card, so I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again soon.


~ by salsafeet on August 11, 2015.

One Response to “I’ve missed you…”

  1. Oh I got these Soribel and just ordered the Marianne you had. Now thinking of the Marianne in black leather and still have not ordered the Daniela (taupe and coral). I ordered from dancesportuk but did track down the Volver manufacturer :). They are on vaca still Sept. at which time, I also will have wine and a credit card..

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