Why You Should Wear Dance Shoes on your Wedding Day

Recently, a friend of mine ordered custom-made shoes for her wedding day.  They were beautiful.  She wore them around the house for weeks, and made sure she could execute her wedding dance in them.  After the wedding, I asked her her if they had performed well.  ‘Beautifully,’ she said, ‘I couldn’t feel my toes the next day, but that’s to be expected.’

As far as I’m concerned, that’s not to be expected!

You’re on your feet non-stop on your wedding day.  It’s not just about walking down the aisle without stumbling or getting through the wedding dance.  You’re walking, standing, socialising, posing for photos, dancing with your guests, crouching to talk to children.  You may well be wearing a rather heavy dress while you do all this.  It’s a full-on day, so why suffer in shoes which were made for sitting?

Dance shoes are the closest you’ll get to wearing trainers on your wedding day.  They’re built for performance – that means comfort, stability, and endurance.  Some social dancers stay on the floor for five or six hours at a time (give or take a quick rest!), and a good pair of shoes is engineered to last and support their feet as long as possible.  Even if you’re planning on flats or sandals, most pairs of shoes become uncomfortable and start to rub after a while.  Not dance shoes!

Many dance shoe brands now cater to all kinds of brides and tastes, but you can pretty much guarantee you’re in for a smooth ride.  You might prefer a jazzy pair of brightly-coloured shoes peeping out from under your dress.  In that case, go wild!  This blog has plenty of suggestions.  But if you want classic white or silver, there are also plenty of possibilities.  And they don’t have to look  like dance shoes to be comfy.  Gone are the days of boring T-bars and clunky heels – these days dance shoes can be seriously gorgeous.

International Dance Shoes have a bunch of options, from the classic Flavia to coloured or glitter soles, to give a traditional pair of shoes an edge.  Oh, and these.

Special Shoes - Stone by Lauren Collection - 'Bela'
Image courtesy of International Dance Shoes.  Shop here.

International are a great option because you can customise everything: heel height, width, they even offer a new ‘ID’ tag so you could put your new initials, or maybe ‘Mrs’, on the heel!

Always innovative, Burju shoes offer a wider range of more daring designs, and they have helpfully collected their shoes in a bridal section, with lace, glitter, white, silver and nude styles on offer.


Burju also do custom shoes, so you can get exactly what you want, but with the comfort of a dance shoe.  And men’s shoes, so you can kit out the groom or bridal party while you’re at it!  Don’t be put off by the stilettos, I regularly dance in Burjus with 3.5″ heels, which are super comfortable.

Dance Shoes Online are on the cheaper end of the scale, but most likely the shoes will still be more comfortable than other budget wedding shoes.

If you’re after something really special, maybe Dance Naturals would be a good choice, something from their luxury range perhaps.  UK-based tango brand Balanceo also have some stunning styles in soft gold, silver, metallics and pastels.

And the other great thing about buying dance shoes is, you can sell them on Ebay and get a good chunk of your money back after the big day.  ‘Worn once’ in dance terms is nothing!  I bought this Supadance pair on Ebay after a lucky bride had finished with them.

Shoe Wardrobe


And when you’re done with the shoes, head on over to our friends at Bride Society for amazing tips, reviews, and hacks for planning the perfect wedding.



Featured image by Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash


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