Vegan Dance Shoes

Recently, a new dancer in my scene asked me where she could buy decent dance shoes without leather and suede.  This led me down a new path – vegan dance shoes!

Most dance shoes have leather, suede or chrome soles.  Chrome is a kind of suede with less nap (or pile), which creates less friction and is often used on dance shoes.  And then of course the uppers are often suede or patent leather.

Generally speaking, if you buy your shoes from Ebay or another very cheap mass-produced source, it’s more likely they’re going to be totally man-made.  But vegans want quality dance shoes too!  So recently, a few brands have stepped up and created lines of vegan shoes.


Product-Factory - Katya Latin Shoes
Image courtesy of International Dance Shoes.  Here’s the inside of their factory as they make their ‘Katya’ shoe!

International lead the charge here, with a wide range of vegan shoes in stock.  They can also make any of their styles with a vegan sole.


Burju Camila with vegan sole.  Shop here.

Burju are also making a foray into vegan soles, including the gorgeous Camila shoe above.

Very Fine have dozens on vegan styles available, and are a great deal at around 70 USD.  The Supadance website also says you can custom order vegan soles on some of their shoes.

Dance other styles?  PETA have compiled a list for ballet and contemporary shoes.  Plus check out this great post on ethical dance wear from Social Dance Community.


Featured image by Chang Qing on Unsplash

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