Do I Burju? Yes… eventually.

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This post is long overdue, but thanks to Parcelforce, my long-awaited Burjus spent most of December hanging out at the depot without my knowledge.  Fortunately, we were reunited in time for the Scottish Salsa Congress, so I got to give them some serious road testing.

736707_902837661154_525120301_oLeft foot wears Jorjets, right foot Tamaras ūüôā

The verdict? ¬†Yay! ¬†They’re so purty! ¬†I love the colour of the Jorjets, they are actually even brighter than they look in the picture. ¬†You really do feel like they have been designed with dancers in mind: the straps look cool but also hold the foot firmly in place. ¬†Unfortunately, whilst I had ordered both styles in a US size 9.5, they seemed to me to be different sizes. ¬†The Jorjets fit perfectly, but the Tamaras felt at least a size too small (can you tell my foot is stuffed in like an ugly sister?). ¬†I was pretty sad about this after all the hassle getting the shoes, and was not thrilled at the prospect of returning them. ¬†I’m glad I waited though, because although the Tamaras started off very tight, I wore them in and they actually turned out to be quite comfy. ¬†The Jorjets are very comfortable and look amazing, but the 3.5″ heel takes some getting used to! ¬†The first time I wore them they felt extremely high. ¬†But again, after a few outings, I love them!

Are they the best dance shoes out there?  They are very comfortable, but not as padded as my favourite Rummos.  Starting at $89 (about £60) plus postage, they are pretty good value for money, and they really do have the wow factor!

Would I buy them again?  Yes, but I would probably wait until a congress so I could try them on.

My friend Mambo Delight has a couple of pairs РAnya and the classic Black Pearl, and she loves hers too.  Luckily, hers fit like a glove, and she ordered them from the UK site (which originally only carried a few pairs, but seems to be undergoing a revamp) so avoided the pricey postage.  You can read her review here.

In the meantime, Burju has been busy working on a new line of truly fabulous footwear. ¬†A few of my favourites below (and look, a mens’ style, too!):

burju4 burju 3 burju2 burju1


And check out all these sexy stars of salsa endorsing Burjus too!


Salsafeet Pour Homme

•December 3, 2012 • 20 Comments

For a very long time, I’ve been thinking about writing a post for mens dance shoes, but there are some very obvious problems, namely: ¬†1) I am a lady. ¬†2) ¬†I like sparkly things. ¬†But having taken some advice from some of my salsero friends, I hope I might be able to offer a few pointers. ¬†Or at least, collect your hints and tips here. ¬†Christmas is a-coming, so perhaps add a pair of shoes to your wishlist, and send me a review!

Time was, male salsa dancers only had a few options.  Suck it up and wear your dress shoes or trainers, with limited spinnyness; opt for a pair of formal (and possibly heeled) ballroom shoes; or play it safe and boring with a pair of comfy but unremarkable jazz shoes.  In recent years, a plethora of alternatives have become available, and whilst we continue to mourn the demise of Jingas, what else is out there?

Tried and tested:  Gabellini

Dance shoesDance shoesDance shoes

At ¬£35-60, these won’t break the bank, and come highly recommended by the salsa community. ¬†They resemble a smart pair of trainers (though there are some jazzier options, see below), and seem to provide a good deal of comfort and support. ¬†Hurrah! ¬†They all have a wedged sole for maximum contact with the dancefloor. ¬†The sole has two pieces: suede body and a rubber heel, for when you need to put the brakes on!

Dance shoes

Bold as brass: Ballo

Canadian-made Ballo shoes also have a wedged suede and rubber sole.  These bad boys are a touch more expensive, although they have just opened a UK website which will keep the postage costs down.  At about £65 a pair, they have all the flavour of the much-loved Jingas without compromising on comfort.

The Newcomer: Supadance

A friend sent me this picture today – looks like Supadance are taking a pop at a less formal mens shoe, and good show, I say. They have adopted the sole with “spinning points” which so many people loved about Jingas. ¬† A bargain at ¬£29.99! ¬†Has anyone tried these?



The best-selling British brand has also thrown its hat into the ring, offering a more formal shoe, but also a rather snazzy suede-soled leather trainer at £70.


Cheap and cheeful

Whilst the bulk of what’s available on Ebay falls into the traditional ballroom category, if you’re lucky, you can still get hold of a brand new pair of Jingas, or even the discontinued Capezio Spirit (below). ¬†Beware of this brand though: they are great shoes, but fit very narrow. ¬†Buy two sizes larger than your regular shoe size!

The new Bloch Amalgam jazz shoe also looks interesting at about £30:

I have also seen quite a few chaps stepping out in boxing boots (as below). ¬†Most of these have a rubber hybrid sole so I can’t vouch for spinnyness, but they certainly make a statement!

Over to you!

Are you reading this and thinking, “she’s forgotten such and such a brand”, or have a review to share? ¬†Please post it below, I’d love to hear what you’re buying.

Burju Sale!

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I missed them at Berlin, and the UK site seems to have wound down, but today is the day I finally bought Burjus. ¬†Because they’re having an flippin’ sale! ¬†Hurrah!

The offer is only valid TODAY and is buy one pair, get 40% off, plus free shipping!  Which makes it great value to get 2 pairs sent to the UK.  Simply enter this code at the checkout bcyber2012 and it will take 20% off both pairs.  Then, select free shipping, pay, and, like me, sit back and have a big, self-satisfied swig of tea.

Just hope they get here before the Christmas rush!  I went for the Tamaras and the Jorjets, what would you have?

jorjet tamara

Rhythm Dance Shoes voucher – today only!

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Bit of a Bank Holiday feet treat – Rhythm Dance shoes have a ¬£10 voucher for you to use until midnight tonight! ¬†Only valid for certain styles, but they make these ‘Sexy Lady Dark Purple’ shoes only ¬£19.99, shame they don’t have my size!

Voucher can be found on Facebook:

Happy shopping! x

TPS Sample Sale!

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A lot of you have been asking recently ¬†how I rate TPS (Terrier Playnet Shop), one of Ebay’s biggest sellers of dance shoes from Hong Kong. ¬†As I’ve said, I think they’re great value for money. ¬†But if you’re still unconvinced, perhaps the fact that they’re having a sample sale will sway you!

Over the next few days, sample pairs like the one above, in a range of sizes, are for sale with bidding starting at ¬£9.99 inc. free postage. ¬†You’d be mad to miss it! ¬†Type “sample TPS” into Ebay to find them, but be quick!

In other dance shoe news, Supadance are asking for feedback and suggestions via their Facebook page here:

And Salsafeet is still Tweeting up a storm of feet treats here:

Tweets for your feet!

•August 2, 2012 • 3 Comments

Whilst there’s not always enough shoe chat for a whole blog post, Salsafeet is now on Twitter! ¬†Follow @salsa_feet for links to the best offers I find in my (sigh) extensive trawling of the internet.

If you’re looking for pretty pictures and shoe inspiration, you may also enjoy my Pintrest board:¬†

Today’s shoe porn comes courtesy of, a newfound haven of dance delights! ¬†Hurrah!


Jinga Closing Down!

•July 24, 2012 • 1 Comment

Hi everyone, a Facebook friend has just tipped me off that Brazilian-made shoe brand Jinga are closing down on 31st July.  Sad news for tired feet!  Their closing down sale starts immediately, so be sure to bag yourself a pair while you still can.  A must for dying congress feet!


Know of a Jinga alternative?  Let us know.

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